Friday, March 26, 2010

Star Wars: Fate of the Jedi - Backlash by Aaron Allston

Spoiler Level: Medium - High

An enjoyable read, and surprisingly light.

This book's main focus is on Luke and Ben Skywalker, who have taken a detour from their original mission of trying to trace Jacen Solo's path and figure out where he went wrong. Now that they've run into the Lost Tribe of the Sith, they're more concerned with catching Sith apprentice Vaestara before she can notify her fellow Sith about the evil presence in the Maw that was discovered in Abyss.

This leads the entire gang to Dathomir, including Han, Leia and Allana. Vestara has joined up with a Dathomiri clan, which leads everyone to wonder what her game really is. There's a lot of action and character development, and even some fun flirting between Ben and Vestara.

Meanwhile, both Jag Fell and Admiral Daala are facing conspiracies out to to overthrow them as the leaders of the Empire and the Galactic Alliance. A group of Imperial Moffs and Alliance senators like the idea of restoring the Empire to its former glory. Yet I get the feeling that there's another conspiracy running deeper that we haven't seen yet. Or, I could just be misunderstanding the hints and maybe it is all the Moffs. Either way, it's making Daala more of a sympathetic character as she tries to learn from her mistakes.

Although it's a very enjoyable read and a pleasant change from all the heavy storytelling that's been going on in the books over the last few years, I also felt like it wasn't really adding much to the overall arc. Laying down some new groundwork for the rest of the arc, sure, but by the end of Book 4 I feel like events are still no closer to providing any answers than they were at the end of Book 1. It would be nice to have gotten at least a hint of what's making the Jedi go crazy.

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