Friday, August 27, 2010

K9 - "The Korven"

Spoiler Level: Low

Now THIS is more like it!!  This episode had good dialogue, some great character moments, was well paced, had a cool looking monster, had some awesome shots of "K9 Vision" where we get to see how K9 views the world, and some fart humor.  K9's scenes with Starkey were very endearing and felt just like the old K9 we know and love.  A big, big improvement over the last episode.  (Perhaps that's why Disney XD UK skipped that one and went straight to this episode?)

 I'm also growing very fond of K9's new look.  I'm sure most of it is CGI, but it generally blends in very well, and the new articulation with his head (and especially his ears) make him much more expressive.

The only down side:  K9 keeps getting knocked out or powered down in each episode.  I realize we don't have much of a show if K9 just bursts in and zaps the monster, but really, there should be some other way to make it more of a challenge then just knocking K9 out for a while.  But as complaints go, this is a very small one in a much, much more improved episode.

Incidentally, is there a consistent way to spell the name of this show?  Traditionally, the character has been spelled "K9," but I've seen other sources calling it "K-9."  But what's printed on his side and in the show logo is "K·9."  So I'm going to stick with the traditional spelling for now.

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