Monday, March 23, 2009

Battlestar Galactica - "Daybreak"

Well, MAJOR FRAKKIN' SPOILERS, obviously. (Oh, and what's up with that KFC "Can't Say Fr*k On TV" promotion? They can't say frak in a commercial but they can in a TV show? Has it really crossed over into the mainstream so much that it's now considered a real curse word? Do teachers have to punish their students if the say frak in school? And here I used to get beat up in school because I used to say "frak" and it just made me look geeky. Timing is everything. But I digress.)

This is a slightly expanded version of the post that I left on Darth Mojo's blog. For those of you who don't know, Mojo works on the CGI effects for Galactica.

I loved it all. That final battle was breathtaking. I literally got off my seat and started watching it on the floor to get a better view.

And I found the ending to be very satisfying. The discovery that the Earth we saw before was not our Earth answered any leftover questions I had about that. Part of me can't help but compare it to the Golganfrinchams in Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, but what Douglas Adams did in jest they pulled off here with a wonderfully serious tone.

The only thing I felt wasn’t explained was how Kara was “the harbinger of death and will lead humanity to its destruction.” She did lead humanity to it’s end… but that was more of finding them a home than their destruction. Am I missing the angle I should be interpreting this? Anyone help me out here?

There's been a lot of griping about the "angel" aspect to the visionary versions of Baltar, Six and of course now Starbuck. I don't have a problem with it, but I don't think they were "angels" in the sense that they lived in Heaven with God. Only Baltar called them angels, and even he said "God, Gods, Angels, a higher intelligence, call it what you want." The “angel” Baltar also said “You know he doesn’t like it when you call him [God].”

No, I think Rich had it right all along-- they were this show's equivalent of the Crystal Barge.

Just as in the original show the Crystal Barge brought Apollo back from the dead, in this version they brought Starbuck back from the dead. Only in this case they brought her back as one of them, and her pristine Viper was the equivilant of her white uniform. Baltar seeing his own private Six and Caprica Six seeing her own private Gaius Baltar was to the new show what Apollo seeing his own private John was to the old show. Not really God, not really Angels… just another form of life that’s a higher intelligence. And It Has A Plan. ;)

It almost makes me want to go back and rewatch this show from the beginning, knowing what I know now.

...Almost. Maybe in a few years.

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greatplaidmoose said...

It sounds like you enjoyed it more than I did but I did like the ending although as we discussed I had a few complaints as usual about the show. But all in all its a show well worth watching. I doubt the same can be said of Caprica. :p As far as the Crystal Barge thing goes...I ROCK!!! :)