Friday, March 20, 2009

Smallville - "Infamous"

I'm watching this episode and pausing it to make lunch. I've decided to blog my feelings on it as I go. All times are as marked by my DVR, which includes commercials.

30 seconds in: Hey, no visual or audio clip when referring to Lana! She must not be in this episode. Whew.

2 Minutes in: Ah, an old villain returns threatening to expose Clark's Secret. Yawn.

6 minutes in: Wait a minute... Clark's talking sense. Exposing himself before someone else does. Stepping up to the plate! But he'll never become Superman in this show, so what are they getting at...?

15 minutes in: OMG, he actually outed himself to Lois. Okay, either she's being brought into the fold, or she's going to have amnesia by the end of the episode.

17 minutes in: Wow! This makes sense for Smallville! No flights, no tights, but in this version, everyone knows he's Superman! Sure, he may never have the name, but it's time for him to go public, and since he's never tried to wear glasses for more than one episode, that's not going to work anyway.... just have it all out in the open!

18 minutes in: Wait a minute. Is this a dream sequence? The newspaper stand man was believable, but the little kid dressing like Clark is a bit much. This can't be real...

19 minutes in: Ah, Chloe doesn't remember the stuff she did as Brainiac, including unlocking Davis's Doomsday side, so they're having yet another one of those "Oh, you're talking about this but I think we're talking about that because I have no memory" conversations. Man, this show should be used as a public service announcement for Alzheimers. But wait a minute, Clark wouldn't know about this conversation, so he couldn't dream it. Maybe the time line will get altered?

24 minutes in: Now the angst comes in. Clark's had to come to terms with the fact that he can't save everybody before, but now that the people are saying "Why couldn't you save so-and-so?" we get a fresh wave of guilt. For what would Smallville be without angst and guilt? (Hmm, I guess it would be "Lois & Clark.")

I'm done with my pizza but still hungry. I think I'll make a sandwich.

30 minutes in: Further indication that the timeline's going to get changed: Clark's house is getting shot up. However, at least he's seeing what I always thought-- he was always so worried that TPTB would stick him in a lab somewhere if the ever found out about his abilities, but I would yell back at the screen, "How are they gonna CATCH you first? You're freakin' SUPERMAN!" And by the way, Clark didn't tell people that Krypton exploded and that he's the only survivor? I hope they explain why he held that little piece of info back...

Done with my sandwich, but still don't feel full. Dessert, maybe?

31 minutes in: Clark's now a fugitive? A statewide curfew?!? Oh, come on! Here's where it all goes sour, and I bet Clark will run off to the Fortress of Solitude to ask Jor-El to change time again.

30 minutes, 55 seconds in: Okay, so it's the Legion Flight Ring and not Jor-El. I still called it back at 19 minutes.

35 minutes in: "The world isn't ready to accept someone like me." Ugh! Bastards.

I found a chilled Smores Pop-Tart in the back of the fridge, it seems to have done the trick.

42 minutes in: Ahh, Linda Lake has the Legion Flight Ring. Man, it would be so cool if the ring gets destroyed in the fight that's sure to come, and Clark has to deal with everything... we could spend the next few episodes with Clark going to court to prove he didn't kill Lex, see the people of Metropolis be split between those who rally behind him and those who are afraid of him, watch this blooming relationship with Lois really mature... this could be a real turning point for the series!

47 minutes in: BASTARDS!! Those stupid muther-^%*&%ing (%%^(*%-sucking god-damn BASTARDS!! Gawd, not only do they erase the best possible turning point this show has ever had, they (1) have to make sure it's done so that Clark prevents himself from learning about Doomsday, and (2) WHY THE HELL DIDN'T CLARK JUST RELEASE HIS STORY ABOUT LINDA LAKE'S MURDERS AND DISCREDIT HER IN THE REGULAR TIMELINE?!? GOD, HE IS SUCH A FUCKING WUSS!! WHY DO I WATCH THIS SHOW?!? AAAAGGGGHHHH!!!

59 minutes in: Ugh.

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