Thursday, July 15, 2010

Green Lantern Movie Costume

Yeah, okay. That'll do.

My first reaction was, oooooooh!

My second reaction was, what's with all the white lines? I'm wondering if they'll pulse, to try and show how he's full of power. Kind of like how he's drawn with the GL symbol glowing off of his costume these days.

My third reaction was the symbol and the ring look good. I'm glad they're using the mask too, that's good. In this age where the actors are more important than the characters I never take that for granted. The mask actually reminds me of a smooth version of Kyle's, which will probably piss some people off but is fine by me.

The fourth thing I noticed was there doesn't seem to be any black in Hal's costume. It's looks all green. Well, all green and white, anyway. Wonder how that's going to go over with people who are new to Green Lantern? (No point in asking how it will go over with the fanboys; they'll bitch and whine and declare this as absolute proof that The Movie's Going To Suck, like they always do.) But to the average person who doesn't know GL, will the all-green outfit look cool to them? Or will they think he looks like a frozen stringbean, or an electrified Hulk?

The final reaction that went through my mind was, "Hey! Is that Ben Stiller playing Hal Jordan?" But I was being a smart-ass with myself, because I already knew it was Ryan Reynolds.

All in all, since there are many different Green Lantern costumes in the Corps, this is a perfectly acceptable one. Sure, I would have preferred it with the black trim, but this will do fine. I could easily see any member of the Green Lantern Corps wearing it, so why not Hal Jordan?

I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures of it to flesh out my opinion on it. How long til we get a trailer?!?

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