Sunday, July 18, 2010

Star Trek: IKS Gorkon - Honor Bound by Keith R. A. DeCandido

Spoiler Level: Medium

There's not a lot I can say without spoiling the end of the previous book, so I'm going to try my best: Klag, captain of the IKS Gorkon, has been ordered by his superiors to go back on an oath he's made. And what honorable Klingon would do that? No, the only thing left to do is stand by his honor and take on his superiors in combat!

And what a glorious combat it is. Giant space battles, fierce ground combat, cool characters, and one scene of horrific irony that would make Peter David proud.

The book itself hits the ground running and never, ever slows down. In a lot of ways this entire book is the climax to the previous book. I hadn't planned on reading this book until next month, but the next book on my reading list hadn't shown up from the library yet, so I just dove right into this book instead. I'm glad I did, because the two books should really be read back-to-back.

Keith R.A. DeCandido has crafted such a great crew in this series, it's a shame that it's only going to go for two more books. Reading his acknowledgments in the back of the book I'm surprised at how much of the cast was pulled from various Trek episodes. I'm hoping I'll recognize them as I rewatch them this time around thanks to this series.

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