Monday, February 15, 2010

Smallville - "Absolute Justice"




Could I have possibly asked for anything more?!? (Well, yes, I could have asked for Green Lantern to actually show up in costume, but I'll consider that my own little fanboy nitpick being a GL fan.) But seriously, JSA history is all there. It amuses me that it has to be practically shifted to the 80's to work timewise, but it's there. And best of all, it's wide open for more in the future.

Plus, they ended up doing what the JSA is supposed to be: an inspiration to the next generation on how to become the heroes they should be.

And the looks!! Hawkman, Stargirl and Doctor Fate all look perfect, and this from the show that swears "No tights, no flights"!!! Doctor Fate is a character that they could have easily wimped out on and given their usual "modern, more realistic look" to by just using his amulet, but they went all the way-- the full length costume, the mask, the cape, the works! And all the promos didn't prepare me for Doctor Fate's eyes. Just awesome.

Michael Shanks pulled off Hawkman perfectly-- his lowering his voice made me completely separate him from Danielle Jackson, and he had Hawkman's current attitude down perfect. I mean come on, that smile he gave Icicle right before he brought his mace down on him? I honestly had no idea if he was going to take just the helmet of Icicle's head.

And as if this wasn't enough, we get the return of the Martian Manhunter, with a glimpse of his full-on costume as well, and Checkmate too.

It's moments like these that make watching this show SO worth it.

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