Thursday, June 10, 2010

Brightest Day #2 & #3

Spoiler Level: Low

I really am interested in exploring the mystery behind why these characters have been resurrected, and I love the bits with the White Lantern ring and Deadman. But now that the series has settled down into its regular format, I realize that I've been tricked into reading an anthology book for characters who can't carry their own books.

Which isn't bad, per se. I'm enjoying all the stories. I simply realized that the real reason all these characters were resurrected was so that they could all be put in the same book with a Green Lantern wrapping on it, thus giving DC hope that Green Lantern readers like me and readers who are into the big events like Darkest Night will be sucked in. It worked for me; I'm certainly not a fan of a single character in this series, but I am enjoying it and intend to keep reading it. I like anthology books, and I like weekly comics, so this being a bi-weekly semi-anthology satisfies both those interests for me. I'll stick with it.

But I wonder how many other people will. These are characters who are usually lucky if they see issue 50. Rich says this is an ongoing book, so being bi-weekly they'll get in 26 issues a year, but if enough people end up going "Hey wait a minute, this isn't really a Green Lantern book or an Event, why am I reading this?" then they may find themselves without a book again by issue 50.

The other thing it has going for it is that Geoff Johns is both a good writer and a hot writer, so his name may be enough to keep it selling, and he may have bigger things planned that will keep people interested. And as long as the people who were buying Martian Manhunter, Aquaman, Hawkman and Firestorm in their own books were different people, and they're all buying it now to follow their individual favorite, then it might add up to enough sales to keep it afloat.

But still, this was very sneaky of you, DC. ;)


greatplaidmoose said...

They just confirmed in an interview that this is in fact a 26 issue mini. I'll be interested to know though if they continue it later in some form. It would certainly seem to be smarter than spinning them off into their own books to only get canceled after a few years again. Justice League Spotlight or Justice League Adventures maybe? Or maybe call it Showcase for something more traditional.

And its Blackest Night darn it! Like the damn oath! ;) lol

Fer said...

In Whitest Day,
In Darkest Night,
No Weevil shall escape my sight!
Let those who whore ship evil's mite,
Beware my flower, Green Lantern Lite!

Like I don't know the oath...

greatplaidmoose said...

Ok. I like yours better. Especially the whore ship. Sounds like a fun place to be!