Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Doctor Who - Cold Blood, Episode 2

Spoiler Level: High

Aww, man. I guess all Silurian stories have to have unhappy endings.

Geez. Not only did Rory not break through the "second companion can only be here for three stories" glass ceiling, he got the harshest exit of any companion since Sara Kingdom. On second thought, his was even worse. Sara may have got aged to death, but poor Rory gets erased from history so even his own fiancée doesn't even remember he existed.

And it's a real shame, because I really liked the interplay between Rory, Amy and the Doctor. Having two companions that were an actual couple was totally new for Doctor Who, and I think they really missed an opportunity by getting rid of him.

I suppose there's a chance The Crack might bring him back or something like that at the end of the season to give him & Amy a happy ending, but we'll still be without him in the TARDIS for the rest of the season. And I have to assume he won't be coming back, and that this is really it for him.

I'm guessing the military class Silurians used the masks for the same reason the Judoon and Sontarans use helmets-- this way they only have to do face make-up for the main characters. But I think the masked Silurians looked much cooler.

I also liked the idea that humanity and the Silurians were actually reaching an accord, and that they finally will in the future. In addition to giving the story a silver lining, it creates some good opportunities for potentially using them again.


greatplaidmoose said...

It makes me wonder since these new Silurians are clearly as different from the originals as they both are from the Sea-Devils if they shouldn't all be considered "Silurians" as a whole. The downside is how do you refer to them separately? And one question I'd like answered is since both the names Silurians and Sea-Devils are names given them by humans what the hell do they call themselves? I think they are definitely a third type of Homo Reptilia because they lack the third eye and they have the stinging venom tongue thing going on in addition to looking so completely different. I also agree that although the humanish faces make for easier expression for the actors to convey emotion, the masks actually make them look cooler and more reptilian.

I'm glad The Moff has kept the idea of bringing back the occasional classic monster as well. Here's hoping future series will bring us Ice Warriors, Zygons, Rutans, Draconians and Yeti.

I'm deeply saddened by Rory's departure. I really liked the dynamic they had going and I liked the idea of a couple as companions plus I was hoping we could get passed that damn three-story male companion limit. Damn good ending though from a story perspective.

Fer said...

Very good point about them being a third race. And yeah, it would be good to know what they call themselves, just like we call ourselves "humans."