Monday, February 2, 2009

Knight Rider - "Don't Stop the Knight"

I finished folding all my socks today.

Oh look! Revised opening titles! With KARR in it, too! But wait, we've got Billy but no Zoe. Why no Zoe? I like Zoe. She's hot.

The episode itself was actually pretty fun, until Mike dropped the ball at the end and got himself into a Speed movie. A very good example on why you never give in to terrorists. You would think an anti-terrorist organization like the SSC would know that, but hey, without that there's no plot.

Carrie got blown up? I've heard there are cast changes afoot... poor Carrie. They really didn't give her a chance to do anything since this went to series. In the TV movie she was a kick-ass womanizer. In the TV series she's pretty much just been the one who slaps the cuffs on the bad guy when it's all over. I'm not surprised they're not keeping her, but I didn't expect them to kill her off.

And someone else is gonna die next episode? ...Have I mentioned that I think Zoe's the hot one, so I really don't want her to die? (Or Dr. Graiman. I really like him.)

I also notice that the code for having KITT put someone to sleep is Nancy-Bravo-Charlie-Four... which would be NBC-4. Maybe it's code to say that they fear that NBC is going to cancel the show? It might also be a double meaning for the episode title.

Most shocking of all, is it's a 2-parter, and then the following episode is about KARR. And all my laundry is done! Damn. I might have to actually just plain watch the next two episodes!

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