Friday, February 6, 2009

Smallville - "Requiem"

Well, this episode is everything I hate about Smallville. Lots of lying and secrets and friends not trusting each other, and lots of Clark and Lana being on-again off-again. Lana's already fulfilled her role as Clark's teenage romance; it's time for him to move past her and on to the true love of his life, Lois Lane. Which he was doing just fine until Lana came back. She really screws this show up. I hope this means they're finally done for good.

I really liked the way they handled the Toymaker Toyman. He used his gimmick well and was quite creepy.

I also thought they had a very creative way of bringing Lex back without using Michael Rosenbaum. I'm surprised they went as far to say that the remains were positively identified. Are they really considering Lex dead and gone? It would be a major step creatively if they did, but this show has such a problem with not going back to status quo that I have a hard time accepting that this is truly the last we've seen of Lex Luthor.


greatplaidmoose said...

I doubt Lex is dead. I know Michael Rosenbaum said he would return to the show as a guest star if asked. Maybe he wanted too much money though. If so maybe he transferred his brain into someone else's body...

And its Toyman dammit! You call yourself a Superman fan! Now I must shun you. lol

Fer said...

Toyman? You know, the Toy Monger! Toy Master! Toy Moose! ...The guy that killed Cat Grant's little kid. All those bad guys blend together. :P

Hopefully they'll get back to Doomstroke soon.