Monday, February 2, 2009

Battlestar Galactica - "The Oath"

Pretty intense. And unlike most Galactica scenarios, where I feel like the whole thing could be avoided as long as people used common sense, this one feels totally believable. If you believe that the human race's survival is in jeopardy because your leaders are allying with the very people who destroyed the human race, then of course you're going to do whatever it takes to prevent that from happening. Both sides in this fight believe they're doing the only thing they can for the human race's survival.

And just as I said with Stargate Atlantis ending, this show benefits from there only being 8 episodes left. No one is bulletproof. Hell, I wouldn't be surprised if everyone dies. (Although they still need to do it in a way that all the answers are finally revealed.)


greatplaidmoose said...

I thought exactly the same thing. For once this storyline wasn't forced and although people are making bad decisions in some cases its because they are in a difficult situation, they are following their moral compasses and once they committ to a path they know they are past a point of no return. Unlike the previous 4 years worth of episodes where they largely come to a crossroads and there are two paths. One path where no one gets hurt and everyone including the person making the decision benefits. And a second choice where people die, more get hurt, even more people are put in jepardy and there is no possible outcome that could benefit anybody involved including the person making the choice and yet they always choose choice number two usually because their gut tells them its the correct path. And to make things worse, when things start going badly, they are usually given many opportunities to stop and reverse their decision but no, they stubbornly must stay the course. And somehow they are surprised when it ends horribly.

Maybe that's the point of the show because I've known people who are like this in real life. Maybe its a commentary on George W. Bush and they way our own government behaves. I hope so because that would justify it somewhat but it wuld be nice in a cast of thousands to have a few people who can make good decisions and/or at least voice a smart opinion occasionally.

greatplaidmoose said...

Its kind of like walking up to a crosswalk holding a baby and realizing that if you wait until the light changes, you can cross safely but deciding instead to push the person in front of you into oncoming traffic, throw your baby to the other side, shoot as many drivers as you can coming from either direction and doing a barrel roll right into traffic and then being surprised at the carnage and that you're going to the hospital.