Friday, January 30, 2009

Smallville - "Power"

"Power?" Really? In eight seasons, we've never before had an episode called "Power?" Wow.

Okay, was it me, or was this episode just a mess? Lana and Tess are allies, Lana and Tess are enemies, Oh gee Lana is kidnapped again, Oh no Lana might want to kill Lex again, oh no Clark's threatening in one breath then begging in the next breath again, Clark's being the doom-saying wet blanket when someone tries to do something good again... it took me a while to realize that Regan, played by middle-aged man in a suit Ari Cohen, LexCorp employee and assistant to Tess Mercer who is against her, was not the same man as Carter Bowfry, played by middle-aged man in a suit Ted Whittall, LexCorp employee and assistant to Tess Mercer who is working for her but is really working for Lana so he's only against Tess if Lana is. What?!?

I liked Lana's bursting out in a fiery phoenix glow. So now that she has super powers, she and Clark can be a super hero team together. That sounds good, I like where that could go. But oh no, this means they're a couple again. Refer back to my complaint from last episode...


greatplaidmoose said...

I thought "Prometheus" would have been a better title since that was the name of the project and far more memorable but maybe they've already used that or will use it later in the season.

Fer said...

Yeah, it's not that I thought "Power" was a bad title, it's just such an obvious one for any give episode of Smallville that I'm shocked they haven't used it before now. But I agree, "Prometheus" would have been better.