Thursday, January 8, 2009

Star Wars: Legacy of the Force - Revelation by Karen Traviss

I'm not upset with the direction of the story, just amazed at how the Star Wars universe has turned itself upside down with this series.

Yes, sooner or later it happens to all the popular villains... Punisher... Venom... heck, even Wolverine... something happens where we learn why our favorite bad guy is such a tortured soul, and we start to understand his own code of honor, and he even starts to be heroic. Add ol' Boba Fett to the list. I think what makes is it work so well in this case is Fett's being surrounded by all the other Mandalorians (excuse me, Mando'ade) and watching Mandalore rebuild itself. Karen Traviss does such a good job pulling it off that I'm tempted to read her Republic Commando novels.

Ahh, and at last, Darth Caedus is not hiding he's a Sith, everybody's talking about it (even if some of them don't really understand what it means), and he's even starting to let people know his new Sith title. I wish it happened a little sooner in the book, but it's still rewarding to see it happen.

The only thing that didn't work for me in this book was Tahiri. She just feels out of character. I get that Caedus has been seducing her with the flow-walks to see Anakin and all, but I just can't see that being enough to make her turn a blind eye to everything that's happening. She's fallen into the whole Sith apprentice thing too easily for me. Even if other people don't realize what being a Sith means, she should in no uncertain terms. Tahiri was always headstrong, and here she's just weak and easily manipulated.

And Jaina's treatment of Tahiri is just as bad-- so much was made of how all the Solo family tried to make Tahiri a part of their family after Anakin died, that for Jaina to face off against her with Mirta and not have any qualms about it at all just doesn't make sense. (And further more, it belittles Jaina's bonding with Mirta throughout this book; does this mean that if Jaina and Mirta end up finding themselves on opposing armies, all of that "we'll make sure we avoid each other" stuff gets forgotten?) To give a fair reality check here, I realize that this is probably just a case of conflicting authors; you can't expect every author to know every little detail of every Star Wars book ever printed. But this just seemed like a big enough point that I felt someone should have acknowledged it somewhere.

But despite that, this book felt very, very satisfying. I can't wait to read the final Legacy of the Force book. Oh look! It came out in paperback yesterday! Perfect....

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