Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Macross Frontier #19 "Triangler" and #20 "Diamond Crevasse"

I'm continually intrigued on how the character of Minmay has been split between Sheryl and Ranka; when we started, Sheryl was the weary Minmay of Do You Remember Love?, and Ranka was the hopeful Minmay of the TV series. Now we've watched their roles reverse.

So let me get this straight: Ranka's pet Ai-Kun turned out to be a larva-stage Vajra, so that means he was just one of many Vajra that Leon had stashed away for whatever his nefarious plot is? At first I thought he was the only one on the Frontier (Well, not counting the ones stuck in the big giant tubes, of course). So when the second-stage Vajra showed up and killed the assassin, I thought it must have been Ai-Kun "grown up." But then there were tons of Vajra running around and I couldn't understand how all those Vajra came from one little one. (I mean come on now, it was Gubaba that looked like a Tribble, not Ai-Kun!) So I guess the other Vajra didn't come from Ai-Kun, but were bred from the ones in the tubes, and Ai-Kun just got loose and became Ranka's pet?

So I'm guessing this also means that Leon and Grace are in control of all the Vajra, which they are using for some as yet unrevealed purpose. Whatever the purpose is, to accomplish it they used the Vajra to destroy the Macross Galaxy, but it wasn't enough, and now they're trying again with the Macross Frontier.

Oh, and somehow these Vajra attacks are bringing out emotional energy (dare I all it Spiritia?) in the Macross singers (first Sheryl on the Galaxy and now Ranka on the Frontier), which Leon and Grace also need for their plan.

At least that's what I think is going on. You know, I appreciate that in this post-Evangelion age, anime stories give us credit for being able to think for ourselves and try to make you piece together what the bigger picture is on your own ... but man, there are times when I really miss the Robotech narrator.

Once again, Macross F reminds me that just because characters and situations are similar to Macross, it doesn't mean they'll end the same. Michel's relationship with Klan was always some good comic relief, and I always liked the "Max and Miria" overtones to it. After a while you can't help but hope that Klan would finally get Michael. (Although I have to admit, the fact that her micronized body was a little girl's would keep me away from her too, I don't care how old her brain inside the body is.) Michel's sacrifice for Klan was heart wrenching, and I totally did not see it coming.

See You, Space Playboy.

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