Thursday, January 1, 2009

Star Wars: Legacy of the Force - Fury by Aaron Aliston

I'm growing impatient for Darth Caedus to come out of his Sith closet. Everybody knows "Jacen" has "gone dark" and turned his back on everything and everyone he ever believed in, but none of the Jedi seem to be willing to bring up the obvious... this is not just "dark" behavior, this is evil. This is Sith. Maybe now that he's strangling officers on his bridge people will get it. Hopefully the next book will open with him brandishing his nice new red lightsaber screaming "I AM DARTH CAEDUS!!!" to the Galaxy. I hope so, since there's only two books left. I'd like Luke and Leia and Han to completely understand just what it is they're fighting.

Along those lines, I'm very happy that the secret of Allana's parentage is out. At last, Han and Leia know they're grandparents and get to meet their granddaughter. The scene where Caedus reveals he's Allana's father to her was incredible... you get the echoes of the scene with Vader and Luke, only it comes across as so much more hopeful. You can feel his love for his daughter and it's as if we're getting to see that there's still a tiny bit of Jacen left in there, just like there was a tiny bit of Anakin left in Vader that allowed him to be turned back to the light.

And then he goes and says "and then you can help me decide how all the people should live... wouldn't that be nice?" Man. Talk about creepy chills, and making him seem all the more irredeemable.

I'm also very glad to see the rift between Jagged Fell and Jaina healing up. I always liked how they worked together. Zekk being in the mix (and even becoming friends with Jag as well) has definitely added a lot of flavor to it as well.

And at long last, an end to Alema Rar! At least, I hope it's a real end this time. She's been a tragic character, but I think her story dragged on a little too long.

And lastly, I assume that's Ben Skywalker on the cover, based on the color of his lightsaber and the way he's dressed... but his face looks so much older, and so grim, that I originally thought it was Darth Caedus. And the guy on the cover of Betrayal, the first book in this series, looks so young I thought that was Ben, but I recently saw on Wookiepedia that it's Jacen! Is it just me that their ages seem to be reversed, or were other people confused too?


UPDATE: I just went to put Fury back on my shelf, and I pulled off the next book... and it's called Revelation, with Darth Caedus on the cover brandishing a red lightsaber. How's that for instant gratification?

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