Monday, January 19, 2009

Smallville - "Legion"

Man, this has got to be the best season of Smallville, ever.

Not just the Legion, not just actual codenames (Cosmic Boy called Garth "Lightning Lad!!" They all kept calling Rokk "Cos"!!! They called Imra... well, okay, they never said Saturn Girl that I noticed, but two out of three ain't bad,) not just costumes that reference their outfits (well two out of three ain't bad), not just some awesome Legion flight rings, not just a ton of cool references (I heard Imra mention Coluans when attacking Brainiac, Lightning Lad said "sprock" and "grife," and mentioning he had a sister, and of course Cosmic Boy holding the big metal ball at the end)... not just all that... but we also got "No glasses? No tights, no flights? So far, he is nothing like the Man of Steel."

Geoff Johns rules. He should be allowed to write every episode of this show.

Also some very good bits about Clark refusing to kill. Clark is very much growing into the Man of Steel this season. And nice bits about how just because your future is someone else's history, it doesn't mean you have no free will. I rather like that.

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