Friday, May 14, 2010

V - "Fruition"

Spoiler Level: Medium

Okay, if they play their cards right next episode (and next season), then I'm going to take back all the complaints I made in my first review of the new show. This episode showed perfectly how the fear of terrorism can lead to the losing of freedoms. And just as the erosion happens slowly in real life, it's also happening in stages on ABC's V. First the FBI makes it a priority to stop Fifth Column, and now the American government has agreed to hand over all suspects to the Visitors before they go to trial. Anna knows how to play humanity's fears like a piano.

While I still hold to my opinion that the show is taking an entire season just to set up the premise, I've got to completely concede Amy's point that by doing it this way, it gets its point across to today's audience who have today's fears. I accused the show of becoming the very propaganda it originally warned against, but by showing how the public can be swayed by leaders with their own agenda using the threat of terrorism, it's pointing out the man behind the curtain to the post-9/11 generation. It's a message that's long overdue, and it's a message that's worthy of V.

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