Wednesday, May 19, 2010

V - "Red Sky"

Spoiler Warning: High

"Let V no longer stand for Visitor. Let it now stand for Victory." Father Jack is taking it back! God bless Father Jack!

Didn't they say something in the preview for this episode like "their plan will finally be revealed?" Well, so much for that. Not only are we no closer to knowing what their plan is, now we have to wait to find out what they did to turn the skies red. Thank heavens this show was renewed, or that would have been a really sucky way to end it. But that just shows that they've made me care.

Whatever the new red dust was, I hope this is a major turning point in the story and it doesn't go back to status quo by the end of the first episode next season. Marcus was acting like this was a major turning point, so I sincerely hope it doesn't clear up right away.

Along those lines, Morenna Baccarin really deserves some major kudos for Anna's grieving scene. It gave me chills.

I'm glad Val was only gone for two episodes and that she was back for this one. I would have liked for her and Ryan to have a chance to make it work, but Anna's actions made total sense for the situation. I'm a little disappointed that we didn't even get a glimpse at the baby, but I liked the sound of its voice! Here's hoping that the baby will give Ryan what he needs to resist Anna's Bliss.

Speaking of which, they've shaken things up so that I don't really know whose side Kyle and Chad are on, which is great. How strong is Anna's hold on Chad's brain? Can he see what he saw and yet find some way to rationalize it? Either way, I think it could be done really well. Chad is at his most interesting when he's trying to understand both sides and questioning the status quo. Yet at the same time, people who could look at the Visitors' atrocities and turn a blind eye because it either wasn't happening to them or because they were somehow being rewarded is what made the original V so thought-provoking.

Even though it's been slow, this version of V is really starting to live up to its legacy. They've earned the V back. I'm now looking forward to next season, and hope this is the first V to go up in quality when it comes back. ;)

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