Monday, May 10, 2010

V - "Heretic's Fork"

Spoiler Level: High

Yayy! A Visitor Soldier! Okay, so he's a ninja and not a shock trooper, but I'm still happy.

"Name one bad thing they've done since they got here! You can't, can you?" Okay, well I can see how Erica couldn't answer Tyler without being, oh, honest with him, but she could have told the assassin guy "Well, I saw them slaughter a whole room full of people who just showed up to hear a guy's conspiracy theory about them." Or, "Well, my partner turned out to be a Visitor, and when I found out he tried to kill me." And that's just off the top of my head.

I loved all of the stuff between Ryan and Val, and I can see how she can't stay with him after discovering that he was lying to her about being a human being and didn't come clean when he accidentally impregnated her with a lizard baby. But I hope this doesn't mean she's out of the show. Her plotline is just too important to have her just ride away on a train.

And I like that Chad and Lisa's loyalties are being put to the test. I wonder if they converted Chad when they "fixed" his aneurysm?

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