Sunday, April 25, 2010

Doctor Who - "The Beast Below"

Spoiler Level: Fairly High

Still very high on the new season and the new Doctor! We got to see Matt Smith play the Doctor's angry side this episode.

The episode itself is great. Once again "nuWho" finds a way to show us a fancy future spaceship and yet still treat it like it's Earth. Nice Megazone 23 overtones.

I am really sensitive about bad things happening to kids, so the opening scene really creeped me out.

Amy continues to intrigue me. We keep learning things about her in bits and pieces. She has the same boldly-rushing-in attitude she did in the last episode, making her own decisions without consulting the Doctor (and royally ticking him off in the process), and keeps revealing things in bits and pieces-- she's obviously not thrilled about getting married.

And in addition to the repeating pattern of the time/space crack, there's also another "zero" reference. Coincidence? Am I looking for patterns in things that aren't there?

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greatplaidmoose said...

Nice observations especially about thew "zero" reference which didn't occur to me.

I was happy we had a spaceship episode so early on with The Moff considering RTD's tendency to always keep it close to Earth. Although you do bring up a valid point that the ship is a bit New Earthish.