Saturday, April 24, 2010

V - "John May"

Spoiler Level: High

I'm enjoying this show more and more. I find it amusing that since they changed "V" to mean Visitors, they've had to create the "John May Lives" phrase to serve the purpose of being a symbol of resistance. But I'm glad they did.

Oh! Lizards lay eggs! Of course!! Silly Fer. Okay, I can buy Anna giving birth to an army now.

Nice to see the secrets all coming out as well.

And wow, they killed a major character! Okay, I guess he's only been a "guest star" for all his appearances, but with no opening credits the guest stars seem just as much to be lead characters as the "main" stars. I had no idea until he was only a "guest star" until I saw him listed as such in my search for a good screen cap.

And along those lines, ABC's V has the worst screen caps. releases them ahead of time, so of course they're all bland pictures of the characters talking to each other and none of the cool moments. And I can't find any nice fan capture sites out there. I'm going to have to start trying to make them myself.

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