Monday, April 12, 2010

V - "Pound of Flesh"

Spoiler Level: High

I think I liked this episode. I'm not entirely sure, because I was watching it on, and it had some buffering issues, which messes with my brain.

I definitely like the bits with Father Jack and Chad, and the bits with Ryan aboard the Mother Ship. And the bit where Anna's broadcast was interrupted with the "John May Lives" message was truly awesome. Was there any logical reason for the message to look like spray paint? No, but it stirred in me the images over big red Vs spray-painted over top of posters that said "The Visitors Are Our Friends," so it made me cheer to myself. I think the Fifth Column storyline is growing quite nicely, but I agree with Hobbes that a human Resistance of 5 people is pretty sad. I hope it expands into a real movement and they don't feel they can't add any more resistance fighters because it will make the cast too big. Not everyone in the Resistance has to be a lead character.

Although technically they have nothing to resist against, really. It's still all just conspiracy.

I don't like that Ryan is giving his girlfriend drugs that "once she takes it, there's no going back" without even telling her, even if it is to help her with the pregnancy. If it's that important, he needs to talk to her about it first. Not cool.

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