Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - "Bounty Hunters"

Spoiler Level: Medium

Obi-Wan was way cooler in the movies than in this series.

While investigating an attack on a medical base, our heroes crash land on Falucia. The Falucians are being harassed by pirates and have hired some bounty hunters to protect them. And good old Obi-Wan only cares about getting off-planet as fast as he can to notify the Republic that the medical base has been destroyed. Oh, sure, he's concerned that if they stay there too long it'll bring the Seperatists down on the Falucians, and since we've seen that happen in a previous episode it's a valid concern. But dammit man, you're a Jedi. You protect the innocent and the weak. And not just any Jedi, you're freakin' Obi-Wan Kenobi, dispenser of wisdom. So stop acting like such a douche in this show already!

The rest of the episode is awesome. The character designs for the Falucians is great. Hondo's little Salacious Crumb-critter is humorous. There's a great duel sequence between Anakin and Hondo. And bounty hunter Embo totally steals the show-- he doesn't speak Basic, he's tough, he kicks some serious butt, and he can use his hat as a shield! MORE EMBO!!

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