Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Smallville - "Upgrade"

Spoiler Level: High

Metallo acts like a good guy, Clark acts like a bad guy, and Metallo, Clark and Zod all throw down in the Fortress of Solitude. Nice.

I thought the Red-K was going to bug me, but actually it didn't. I liked how it made Clark be more open to Zod. The bonding between the two on their Kryptonian heritage was enjoyable, even if you know it can't last.

And I really like the way Metallo was handled. It may not be what he's like in the comics, but I thought the reversal of the good-guy/bad-guy roles worked really well.

Didn't care for Chloe chloroforming Lois. And here I thought she'd stopped doing boneheaded things like that. Oh well, at least I can understand what she was thinking this time (unlike when she was dumping bodies for Doomsday).

Things I don't remember: (1) Where did Zod get the Kryptonite knife? (2) Didn't Clark already learn Zod had powers in the last episode? He seemed surprised about it in this episode. (3) ...there was a 3, but I forgot it again.

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