Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Stargate Universe - "Space"

Spoiler Level: High

Remember how I said that SGU was like Voyager meets Macross wrapped in a Battlestar Galactica coating? Well, I may not have mentioned I've always had a love/hate thing going on with both Voyager and Galactica.
Voyager was a lot of wasted potential, and Galactica was too much of people making stupid decisions. SGU has both flaws wrapped into one show, with the wasted potential being all the Macross elements that were in the premiere. So I'm getting the same mixed feelings I always got with both of those shows.

I liked the aliens. About time we got some aliens! Well, besides the dust-cloud monster. But if you're on a ship exploring the universe, you really should be running into LOTS of aliens.

I didn't like that the show is filmed so dark I couldn't get a look at their ships at all. I kept fiddling with my TV settings to no avail.

I like that the aliens want Destiny. Shades of the Zentraedi wanting the Macross.

I figured Rush would be back in this episode, but I had kinda' hoped it would take him more than one episode to make it back to the Destiny.

I like that Rush and Young were willing to put aside their attempts to kill each other for the sake of the crew. I don't like that Camille immediately began planning the next attempt to get rid of Young, and Rush was right there with her. I know the drama on this show is supposed to come from the conflict between the military and the civilians (again, Voyager with Starfleet and the Maquis) but that's Galactica drama-- the "let's do something stupid even though it's obvious it would work against us" logic. I'd like to see these people learning to pull together and rise up to the challenge. But that's not what this show wants to do, so I have two choices: get used to it or quit watching.

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