Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Cape - ''The Lich, Part 1''

Spoiler Level: Medium

I'm with Rollo on this one.  Voodoo is not my speed.

 It's not a bad story, in fact it managed to surprise me a few times, which is always good.  And it's not really Voodoo per se, as there's no real supernatural element to it, which works for me because I'm more into science than magic.  But for me the episode didn't really start getting interesting until the various mysteries started coming together at the end.

And I have to take serious issues with the scenes between The Cape and Voyt.  Voyt was Vince Farady's best friend.  You're telling me Farady is going to talk to Voyt from the back seat of his car and Voyt's not going to recognize his voice?  Or worse yet, over the phone?  And Farady actually gave Voyt his phone number?!?  Perhaps in Part 2 we'll learn that Voyt did recognize his voice, and guilt over what he's done to his best friend is what lead to his change of heart.  It would seem a bit out of character for him, but I always like a good redemption story.

And the scene of  Vince's wife was just heartbreaking.  These family-torn-apart scenes are even tougher for me to watch now that it's unlikely that we'll get a resolution to them.

But on the positive side, Rollo continues to be a cool character, we get a better glimpse into Chess's psychosis, and as I mentioned earlier, the episode did surprise me in spots.  I'm hoping that since all the cards are now out in the open, Part 2 will grab me more.

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