Thursday, February 10, 2011

K9 - ''Alien Avatar''

Spoiler Level: High

This episode starts off really well, with Starkey on his way to go fishing and trying to explain the concept to K9, who of course doesn't get it.  They run into a pair of CCPC Robo Fuzz, and K9 has a humorous moment with them in their mutual incomprehension of humanity. It's a great opening scene.

Sadly, from there the dialogue takes a nose dive.  A lot of it was very reminiscent of "Liberation," in that it was cliched, predictable and fairly tedious.  Which is a shame, because the plot itself is pretty decent.  The fish are all dead, poisoned by something which can also affect K9, and everyone's started seeing alien ghosts.  It's all connected of course, and in a way that makes sense and works well.  It's a shame that the story is dragged down by so many cliches.

To be fair, there are a few other good lines in it.  Starkey tells Darius to be a man, and Jorjie quips "He doesn't do impressions."  That was witty.  K9 gets a great line in when he comes across Darius trying to untie Jorjie.  And Professor Gryfen hollers "Blood of Pythagoras!"and "What the Heisenberg...?!?"  I don't know if those are good or bad, but either way they made me laugh so I'll go with good.  Actually, there are quite a few good bits in here.  But it flip-flops between good moments and tiring moments in the same scene, making the end product come across as unbalanced.

An interesting note, K9 refers to the CCPC as cyborgs.  So are there actually organic parts in there, or are the writers just confused between the difference between cyborgs and robots?  It's something I'd like to know more about, but I suspect this show isn't going to go into depth into the CCPC's origins.

So while this episode does have some good qualities, overall I just didn't enjoy it. So, K9's score to date: 7 wins, 5 losses.

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