Thursday, February 24, 2011

Smallville - ''Masquerade''

Spoiler Level: High

After what feels like a very long break, we've finally returned to the Darkseid storyline with Desaad getting the center stage.  The actor they got to play him wasn't bad; stick Steve Byers in a purple robe, and he's got a long enough face that it would work.  And he's certainly got Desaad's sadism down.

I also absolutely loved the scene between Chloe and Oliver when they're locked up in a trunk, and all Oliver wants to do is sort out their relationship.  Chloe says, "Really?  Now?" and I'm thinking, sure, why not now, it's not like either of you are going anywhere for a while.  Plus it really made Ollie feel more endearing.  He went through hell with Chloe gone, and now that he has her back he's totally serious about her.

But of course, the big part of the show for me was watching Clark finally take that next step and donning the glasses -- for keeps, this time.  Now that the Vigilante Registration Act has been repealed Clark's started taking the Blur global, and he's... wait a minute, the VRA was only a law in the United States.  If anything, it would have made sense for him to go global as the Blur while the VRA was in effect!  "Okay, it's illegal for me to save anyone in the US, but nobody seems to mind when I save them in Canada!"

Okay, forget that piece of logic for a moment... now that he's taking the Blur global, people are starting to connect him with the Blur, so he's decided the time for a disguise has come. 

At first I was wondering why he was explaining everything to Lois all over again since he was talking about having seen his future self wearing glasses last episode, and then I realized, no wait, that was Martha he was talking with about it.  It's all new to Lois.  I don't really care for the approach of "Clark Kent is just a name.  The Blur is who I am."  I was always more of a fan of the 90's approach-- as Dean Cain's Clark said, "Clark Kent is who I am.  Superman is what I can do."  But hey, if Smallville wants to go with the more classic approach, I can live with that.  At least for, say, the next 8 episodes.  And besides, Clark's still growing, he may find that he feels differently in the future.

Lastly, I want to give a shout-out to Home of the Nutty (dot-com) for this week's screen capture.  You can always tell when I use their screen captures instead of making my own, because (a) they look much nicer, and (b) they don't have that giant "CW" logo in the corner that I get due to watching it online.  Thanks, guys!

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