Friday, February 11, 2011

Smallville - ''Collateral''

Spoiler Level: High

Oh.  Okay, the flash of light wasn't Hawkman being reborn, or the light of the New Gods rising to fight the Darkness... it was a trap by the government to catch all the unregistered "vigilantes."  The VRA somehow knew where the heroes were going to bury Hawkman and figured that their time of mourning would be the perfect time to jump them.  Wow, and I thought the Westboro Baptist Church was harsh.

What we get from there is an homage to The Matrix, as our heroes are plugged into a virtual world where they can be controlled. It works well enough as a story, and it's great that the show finally lets Clark fly for a moment, even if it is only in the VR world.

And best of all.. the return of Chloe!!  She's right back in the opening titles and everything!  I'm very pleased.  And while it would have been heartwarming if Clark could trust her right away like Ollie did, I thought Clark's distrust of her makes sense; as someone pointed out, her judgment was pretty screwed up during the whole Doomsday season, and hey, this is Smallville, where people do The Wrong Thing all the time for the lamest of reasons.  Clark realizing his double standard in not trusting Chloe for not telling him all her secrets also worked well, and is another sign of how he's finally growing this season.

It's kind of odd seeing Green Arrow and Black Canary together and yet Green Arrow's in love with Chloe instead.  And along those lines, it'll be interesting to see how things play out with Tess now that Chloe's back.  Tess has finally found her place, and I'm hoping the two of them can work together instead of against each other.  I'm assuming Chloe's new role is going to be leading the Suicide Squad, leaving Tess free to still be Watchtower.  We'll see how it goes.

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