Friday, February 18, 2011

Transformers: Prime - ''Masters & Students''

Spoiler Level: High

I am very happy to report that The Hub is streaming full episodes of Transformers: Prime on line!  I was able to watch this episode for free at, but since I discovered it late in the week I don't know how much longer it will still be there.

So how is the first regular episode?  Not bad. Not impressive, but enjoyable.  Starscream hatches a plan to recover Skyquake, a massive Decepticon buried on Earth.  Optimus Prime and Bumblebee take him on by themselves, because the other Autobots are... umm... helping the kids with their science projects.  Okay, that part was a little much.  But on the plus side, watching Ratchet get maniacal in taking the projects over was a good laugh, and seeing the kids have to show the results to their class was amusing.

Skyquake himself is very cool.  He's got a great look.  Although it's very odd that Optimus says Skyquake hasn't chosen a vehicle form yet, because he's got a giant cockpit on his chest and wings sticking out of his back.  When he does scan a jet, it's a good one-- it reminds me of a cross between a VF-17 from Macross 7 with the coloring and nose of an Alpha Fighter from Robotech.

And Soundwave looks really cool.


Semaj said...

So this Skyquake is a retelling of Skyfire from the original series right?

Fer said...

The origins are so similar that I figure it must have been intentional, but the outcome is completely different-- Skyquake hasn't become an Autobot, at least not by the end of this episode.