Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Cape - ''Endgame''

Spoiler Level: Medium

Well, this was a pleasant surprise.  Apparently NBC decided to post the last episode online.  I feel kind of foolish now; I stopped checking on this show once they announced no more episodes would be aired.

"Endgame" was filmed before they got the notification that NBC had cut their order down to 10 episodes from 13, so the makers of the show didn't get a chance to wrap it up.  Having said that, "Endgame" is at least more satisfying of an ending than "Razer" was.

The evidence that Vince gathered on Peter Fleming in the previous episode has gone public, so Fleming weasels his way out of it by doing what he does best-- framing someone else to take the fall for him.  In this case it's Marty Voyt, Vince's best friend who helped set him up in the first place.  As I suspected in "The Lich," this is Marty's redemption story, as he comes clean to Vince's wife about what he's done and why he did it-- which is to say, to protect his family from Fleming.  And we did see Fleming threaten Voyt's family in those early epsodes, so that reasoning works.

This is a typical late-season episode, in that big things are starting to happen, and the pieces are all being put into place for the final battle.  Fleming's defenses are starting to unravel, and you can tell that Chess was going to start taking the center stage again very soon.  Vince gets to be with his wife again, albeit as The Cape, and has to be talked out of revealing that he's still alive to her, with reassurances from Orwell and Max that he can tell her very soon.  It's a shame we won't get to see any of that happen now, but at least we have some closure between Vince and Marty, and a feel for the ending that would have been.

As of this writing, this episode is still available to view for free -- with the same one lone commercial played at every single commercial break -- at

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