Monday, March 7, 2011

Transformers: Prime - ''Con Job''

Spoiler Level: Medium -High

Another well done episode, with some great battle scenes.

Autobot Wheeljack is passing by Earth, much to Bulkhead's delight; the two served together as part of the Wreckers centuries ago.  But Starscream has intercepted their transmission and plans to use their reunion to his advantage.

Wheeljack is a fun character, and watching him play off of Bulkhead is great.  It's a total bromance with robots.  (A "robromance," perhaps?)  We never get to see Wheeljack's vehicle form, and while his robot form does have very Earth-looking wheels the rest of it his design is generalized enough that he doesn't blatantly look like he's already a sportscar.

Again, no complaints with the humans; when Makeshift grabs Miko and threatens to squish her, I felt it actually made for good drama.  And I rather liked that Bulkhead was able to sniff out Makeshift on his own.

I'm a bit disappointed that Wheeljack didn't stay; as with Skyquake before him, it would have been nice to see both armies growing.  So far the episodes have all been returning to status quo by the end.  And although I liked that Ratchet acknowledged he was still repairing the base from the Scraplets in the previous episode, continuity doesn't necessarily equate to actual growth.  But it's still early into the first season; maybe things will get tighter as the show progresses.

It looks like The Hub is keeping the last two episodes posted, so this episode should still be available to watch for free at until mid-March.

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