Friday, March 4, 2011

The Cape - ''Razer''

Spoiler Level: High

The main plot for this episode is kinda' just okay. Where this episode really worked best was in building up for the season finale-- a finale that's now not going to come.

Scales and Fleming make a deal on how to split up the crime in Palm City.  Scales' territory includes Trolley Park, home to the Carnival of Crime, so he starts leaning on Max to cut him in.  As a result, Vince infiltrates Scales' gang to get proof of his involvement with Fleming, and -- after some prompting from Rollo -- to get inside information to make it easier for him to interfere as The Cape with his operations.

But it's the background details that truly make this episode interesting.  Peter Fleming is turning into Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (or more like Dr. Hyde & Mr. Hyde), as Chess becomes his own personality. Orwell is completely cracking up after her ordeal with the Lich.  The Carnival of Crime is starting to lose patience with Max playing mentor-- and Max has revealed that all his training of Vince Faraday in the use of the Cape has been for something called Devereux.

Sadly, according to Entertainment Weekly, this is the final episode.  I know NBC had cut back their order from 13 episodes to 10, but apparently they've decided not to air the tenth episode.  Which is pretty much the last nail in the coffin-- although the show hasn't officially been canceled yet, the ratings have steadily declined each week, and both EW and TV by the Numbers feel that cancelation is a certainty.  I knew the episode reduction was going to mess up the season's story arc as soon as I heard about it, but now that we're actually there and we've been given a taste of where everything's going to go I can't help but still be disappointed.

Ah, well.  The Cape wasn't groundbreaking and it didn't blow me away, and I generally watched it last each week, but it was consistently entertaining with likable characters and I did always enjoy watching it.  Thanks to everyone involved for giving it their best shot, and for entertaining me for nine weeks.

As of this writing, this episode is still available to watch for free (with comercials) at, or it can be purchased at the links below.

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