Friday, March 11, 2011

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - ''Counterattack''

Spoiler Level: High

A rather brutal episode for our heroes, as they try to escape the Citadel and quite a few Clone Troopers end up dying some very nasty deaths.

I rather like the crab Battle Droid design, probably because it reminds me of the Invid.  I always thought the Invid looked fierce.

Tarkin and Anakin are building a grudging respect for each other, and we're starting to see more hints of how this war is leading Anakin to believe that sometimes the few should decide what's good for the many.  Watching the war as an ongoing story like this helps bring home how its changing him.

And lastly, I have to give a salute to Echo, who at least got to die a valiant death.  This leaves just Fives now from their original squad.  Without his fellow squadmates, will there be anyone to mourn Fives when he finally goes, or will he be just another clone shot down in the line of duty?

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