Thursday, March 3, 2011

Smallville - ''Fortune''

Spoiler Level: Medium- High

Oh, come on now.  They should have gone all the way and just called it "Hangover." 

Which is not necessarily a bad thing, mind you.  Imitation -- be it homage or rip-off -- can be a great thing if done well.  For example, Stargate SG-1 deliberately played off of the Groundhog Day concept in the episode "Window of Opportunity," and it's one of my favorite Stargate episodes of all time.

And this episode does it well enough.  It's very humorous and yet still manages to stay very Smallville.  The gang heads out for Lois & Clark's bachelorette / bachelor parties, not knowing that their champagne has been been spiked with something that even effects Clark, and they wake up the next morning with no idea what's happened to them.  The farmhouse is just full of bizarre items that Clark's obviously gathered from all over, including traffic signs, the logo off of the top of LexCorp tower, and a lemur.  Oh yeah, and he and Chloe are both wearing wedding rings.

I actually think it would have worked a little better if they hadn't tried to work in the typical Smallville plot with bad guys, but it's hard to say "it should have been funnier" when you have Green Arrow in a brawl wearing a chorus girl outfit.  No lie.  I guess that's kind of the point of Clark's life-- even when he's drunk he can't stop himself from getting involved and helping people.  And watching him try to do his "woosh" thing while hung over and literally running into brick walls was great.

I'll save from revealing how Clark was able to get drunk, as well as if and/or who actually wound up married.  Suffice to say that the way those elements of the story were handled worked very well for me.

And lastly, it looks like Chloe is leaving for good this time.  I guess she was back only for a four-episode stint, which is a common format for guest stars.  I'm glad she was back in the opening titles for it.  Maybe she'll still appear in the following episodes over a view screen.  But now that Clark's story is coming to a close, the final parts of his childhood are all going to be left behind, and that includes Chloe.  And I absolutely loved, loved, loved the line about the new people she's met and intends to help out next.

As usual, I want to thank Home of the Nutty for their fantastic Smallville screen caps.

As of this writing, this episode is still available to watch for free (with commercials) at, or it can be purchased at the links below.

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