Thursday, April 7, 2011

Primeval - Series 1, Episode 3

Spoiler Level: High

The earliest nightmare I can remember having was when I was around four years old.  My family was driving our station wagon across a big grassy lot. We were driving to a giant, round water tank, where we were going to go swimming.  I climbed the ladder up the side of the tank with my parents behind me, eager to get in the water, but when I reached the top and looked in there was a giant alligator swimming in the surface of the water coming right at me.  I woke up and ran to Mom & Dad's bedroom, and was afraid of alligators and crocodiles for years after that.  And yet despite that, I wasn't scared of the prehistoric crocodile monster in this episode at all, and actually thought it was pretty cool, in a "woaaah, did you see that thing?!?" kind of way.

I relate this story only to drive home how much I really, really, really hated the spiders in the previous episode.

I'm also very happy to see the Helen story arc advancing so quickly.  This is the kind of thing that it would have taken Smallville all year to get to.  Sometimes less is more.

I'm also glad they didn't trivialize the soldier who accidentally swam into the Anomaly.  (Oh, and you would think if Helen has been traveling through these things for the last eight years, she would have come up with her own name for them, wouldn't you?) And while I don't remember if they went ahead and let the poor innocent girlfriend take the fall for her boyfriend's death, I have to wonder if that's the smartest tactic for keeping the story quiet.  I mean, isn't she just going to get on the stand and insist he was eaten by a giant crocodile? Okay, so people might think she's crazy, but won't that make the press run with the story even more?

Typing "crocodile" so much is making me miss Hostess Chocodiles.

No link for Chocodiles.

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