Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - ''Padawan Lost''

Spoiler Level: Medium

The Clone Wars returns for a two-parter to close out its third season, as Ahsoka is kidnapped during a battle by a group of Trandoshans to be hunted down for sport.

This episode is great for fleshing out Bossk's species, and works all the better for not having Bossk in it.  Bossk was the second ever Star Wars action figur mail-away figure offer, so he's something of a special character for me, and it really bugged me that the show had him speaking Basic.  I'm okay with some Trandoshans in general speaking Basic, I just don't think Bossk should be one of them.  So here we get a good dozen new Trandoshan characters, some who speak Basic and others who just do a lot of cool hissing and growling, which is what I always felt the Trandoshan language should be, so I'm very happy.

The Trandoshans are generally known as slavers, and while they don't do any slaving here they certainly have the same disregard for any sentient life other than their own.  By capturing and hunting so many other races for sport, it still plays into the same mindset, not to mention creating so many creepy background scenes of others they've hunted.  Check out the Wampa hide:

Which brings me to another point about this episode-- the animation looks almost painted.  It gives the whole thing a very exotic look.

I'll be back tomorrow with part two, the season finale!

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