Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stargate Universe - ''Aftermath''

Spoiler Level: Very High

Well, that episode was a real downer.  Cheer up, Riley!  Any landing you can walk away from... oh.  Never mind.

So now Rush is talking to a woman who may or may not be there.  Geez, he wasn't enough like Baltar?  But okay, it's not always the image of his late wife, and he's already considering that it's most likely the ship trying to find a way to communicate with him.  Or hey, maybe it's the higher intelligence from the previous episode!  Oh wait, that would make him more like Baltar again...

The bridge is very cool.  Talk about taking a great leap forward in exploring the mysteries of the ship.  A bit disappointed that he's not trusting anyone with it-- that feels like the step backwards that I was hoping that he as a character wouldn't take.  But hey, recovery is a process of ups and downs, it's never a straight line up.

And the majority of the Lucian Alliance have been kicked off the ship.  Well, damn.  Yeah, I realize they were out-and-out enemies and may have tried to kill them again, so I guess stranding them is the logical thing to do.  But I'm still disappointed.

And along those lines, we start out the episode with Telford still playing the part of being with the Lucian Alliance, and then he exposes his true loyalties when he comes to Young's side in the riot, but we never get any reaction from the rest of the Lucian Alliance to that.  Maybe there was some and it was cut for time.  There is a lot going on in this episode.

Now if I remember right, they still have a second shuttle but they couldn't get it working, right?  So either they find a way to fix it or they're now shuttleless, right?

I get the ironic parallels between Young nearly strangling a Lucian Alliance guy to death out of anger and smothering Riley out of compassion, but damn, man.  And yes, it was meant to make me feel uncomfortable, but it's still no fun and makes me not like Young very much.

So all in all, while I have to admit it's a very well done episode, it's not necessarily an enjoyable episode.

On something of a side note, Netflix Streaming has now lumped all of SGU into one title, as opposed to splitting it up by seasons, and has added the first two episodes of what would be considered Season 2.5.  So I won't have to have a mid-season break this time, and can continue straight on through!  I'll still be finishing up about a month behind Syfy, but I'm okay with that.  Streaming programming rules.

SGU Stargate Universe: Complete Final Season

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