Friday, April 22, 2011

Tiger & Bunny - ''Many a True Word Is Spoken in Jest''

 Spoiler Level: High

I liked this episode a lot more than the previous one; this episode felt more in line with the first episode.  Hero TV is shooting a documentary on Barnaby Brooks Jr, so he-- and by extension, Kotetsu-- are both getting followed around, having everything they do recorded. This brings back the reality show edge, as we get to see many of the events through the eye of the camera. Maybe it's the Max Headroom geek in me, but I love shots like that.

Poor Kotetsu still can't win; the TV studio wants to portray the two heroes as great partners, which they're most definitely not, and since Barnaby is the golden child then Kotetsu is perceived as the problem.   When the TV crew isn't happy with Kotetsu's "natural" self and indifference to Barnaby, they begin scripting things for him to say. On the one hand, the network trying to shape reality into what they want the public to see is typical TV, but on the other hand reality TV just loves when people don't get along.  In this case the corporate mentality wins out, but I can just see how this would lead to a "Big Brother House: Super Hero Edition!"

The characters continue to grow as Barnaby and Kotetsu begin to have a grudging respect for one another, even though they still bicker. We also get to learn a bit about Barnaby's past.  And the background character of Origami Cyclone is starting to really amuse me.

As usual, this episode is currently available to watch for free (with limited commercials) at  Oh, and you know another cool thing about it?  It even includes the Japanese sponsor cards.  I only wish Hulu would actually put their "Brought to you by GEICO!" card over top of it!

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