Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Stargate Universe - "Intervention"

Spoiler Level: Medium

SGU Season Two has come to Netflix Streaming!  And I'm happy about it!  That itself shows how far this show has come for me during the second half of the first season.

When we left our intrepid band of heroes, the Destiny was being invaded by the Lucian Alliance, quite a few people had been shot, and it looked like quite a few others were about to die.  Most of the ways everyone managed to escape death are fairly believable, and when they start to stretch believability we're given a glimpse that something else is trying to save them, and it's watching what they do and passing judgment on the choices they make.  As to what that something is, well... I hope they hadn't planned to reveal that in Season 5, or we're screwed.

Lastly, we now have a group of people stuck on the ship who were out-and-out enemies, and everyone's now going to have to learn to work together for their mutual survival.  Juuuust in case you didn't already  think the show was like Star Trek: Voyager enough.  The whole Maquis / Starfleet thing never really worked for me in Voyager, but before I give you the wrong idea that I think this is a mistake, let me say that I feel it should actually work better here.  Military versus Civilians didn't work for me at all, because they're all from Earth and it would only be logical for them to pull together in a time of crisis, since they all have the same goal.  But SGC versus Lucian Alliance? That makes much more sense. Their goals will overlap as far as getting back to the Milky Way, but beyond that they're going to have very different goals, especially over the long-term control of the Destiny.  This should help give the show conflict and drama that I can get behind.

And lastly, let me once again thank Krissie's Caps for the screen capture!

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