Wednesday, November 3, 2010

K9 - "Sirens of Ceres"

Spoiler Level: Medium

Another decent episode, this time focusing on Jorjie.  Darius is still annoying, but K9 growled at him this time which gave me a good laugh.  K9's POV screens continue to delight-- click on the image to enlarge it and follow K9's thought patterns trying to understand the concept of "Sunday fun."

In this episode, Jorjie finds herself sent to the Magdalene Academy because she's becoming too much of a dissident.  It seems the Magdalene Academy is using alien stones to turn the students into Stepford Children, perfect and obedient.  It's a decent storyline that surprisingly felt like it was over rather quickly.

I also rather like the fact that this show keeps expanding on the concept of London being a totalitarian state-- a pretty big concept for a kids show, and they're not shying away from it.

I'm also really falling in love with K9's new look.  I always thought it was a decent update, giving K9 a more modern look while still having all the key components of his original look.  But having watched 5 episodes I'm now starting to really find him just so damn CUTE.  And I'm not even a dog person!

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