Friday, November 19, 2010

Star Wars: The Clone Wars - "Hunt for Ziro"

Spoiler Level: High

QUINLAN VOS!!!  QUINLAN VOS!!!  WOO-HOO, IT'S QUINLAN FREAKIN' VOS!!!!  ::Does happy fanboy dance around the living room::

I've been a big fan of the Dark Horse Clone Wars comics, so for Quinlan Vos to actually appear in the cartoon is freakin' AWESOME!!  You know the blue Twi'lek Jedi girl, Aayla Secura?  She was Vos's padawan, and started out in the comics too.  George Lucas liked her and put her in Episode II.  True story.  George also liked Quinlan enough to put in a reference to "Master Vos" in Episode III, but that was it.  (Which is awesome enough in itself, because I remember wishing that the Hoojibs from the Marvel Star Wars comics had got a reference in Return of the Jedi.)  Rumor has it that Quinlan is even going to be the lead in the live action Star Wars TV show, but y'know, I'll believe that when and if it happens.  But right here, right now, one of the coolest Star Wars comic book characters has made it out of the comics and on to TV!!!

Now all I need is for Shira Brie and Plif to show up, and my geeky dreams will be complete.

Now granted, they took it a little far with making him such a smart-alec, but I was very pleased with everything else. The voice casting, his Clone Wars outfit, his psychometric abilities, his being something of a rogue, everything else was perfect.

It was also cool to see Sy Snootles get such a major part. I don't much care for her speaking Standard-- I mean she's in a romance with a Hutt, why wouldn't they both just speak Huttese? But the over-use of English has always been my biggest complaint with Clone Wars, so I'm pretty used to it by now. I liked that Sy Snootles got another song as well. Mama the Hutt really made me stop and go "Woah. I didn't know Hutts could get uglier," which I'm sure was the point.  And I'll actually miss Ziro now that he's gone.

Okay, okay, I realize this is the wrong time frame for Shira Brie and probably even for Plif... but what about some other Hoojib?!?  They could do a Hoojib!!  Hey, that might even lead to a Hoojib toy!  Or... a PLUSH HOOJIB!!!

Okay, time to calm down.  That's just  crazy talk.


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