Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Stargate Universe - "Lost"

Spoiler Level: High

SGU continues to improve.  This episode gives another enjoyable series of flashbacks, showing us Greer's past and what lead him to join the military.  Rush continues to actually give a damn about somebody besides himself, making every effort possible to rescue the stranded team members. (Even if it does ironically end up blocking the gate and preventing the very rescue he's trying to accomplish, but hey, that's drama for you.)  And we get LOTS of Stargate travel, which is something the show has been missing.  I like the explanation that these Stargates are more primitive than the ones in the Milky Way galaxy; it explains why they have to eject steam after they close, as opposed to simply "it looks grittier." We got to see more advanced Stargates in Atlantis, now we're seeing more primitive ones on Universe.

I'm also very glad that Greer immediately took the attitude of "They thought I was dead" as opposed to "They abandoned me!"  And (again, ironically) the fact that he didn't leave with the others is what saved him.  Now he's going to wind up with a weird combination of abandonment issues and survivor's guilt.

So Destiny is now headed out of the galaxy.  Once again they've upped the stakes, and it'll be interesting to see how Scott, Eli & Chloe make it back.

As always, thanks to krissiecaps for the screen capture!

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