Monday, November 22, 2010

Stargate Universe - "Human"

Spoiler Level: High

Wow, this was really good.  I dare say this is the second best SGU I've seen yet (my favorite still being "Time").

Getting to see some of Rush's past went a long way towards making him a more likable character.  It was nice to see he took the lessons he learned to heart as well.  ("I was being optimistic." "That's new for you.")  I just hope it sticks and he doesn't go back to being a selfish creep next episode.

Daniel was the perfect guest star for this episode; his losing Sha're made him the perfect counterpoint to Rush, and helped to draw Rush out.  And I noticed the 46 pattern all on my own!  I'm so proud of myself.  ^_^

This episode really gave me a lot of what I'd been wanting from this show; the characters learning to better themselves, learning more about the ship's secrets, and getting to visit an alien civilization.  (Although I absolutely hated that spider.  I hate spiders to begin with and that was the most nightmarish spider anyone could have come up with.  When they're huge like in Lord of the Rings it's easy to say it's fake and impossible.  When it's the size of a dog, it's just small enough to be believable and just big enough to scare the bajeebies out of me.  And the teeth and the hiss just put it over the top.  You know what, forget this, I'm getting chills just writing about it.  Moving on.)

I also enjoyed the cliff hanger element of Apollo, Starbuck, the Professor and Mary Ann  Scott, Greer, Eli and Chloe being stranded, and am looking forward to seeing how they get rescued.  And the ending theme is really, really growing on me.  (Man, I love watching stuff on Netflix and having end credits again!)  I walked away from this episode feeling something I never felt from an SGU before:  upbeat and, as Rush said, optimistic.

Once again, I'd like to thank krissiecaps for the screen capture!

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