Sunday, November 7, 2010

Smallville - "Harvest"

Spoiler Level: High

A good character episode.  The main plot was pretty predictable-- from the moment the little girl rode Lois into town and told her they were getting ready for their harvest, I realized this was a take on The Wicker Man.  But what was really good about this episode was watching Lois & Clark talking to each other and getting everything out in the open.  The beginning scene where  Lois finally learns that all the strange things that have been happening to her over the years have pretty much all been tied to Krypton was great.

And I could be wrong, but if there's a contaminant in the water and you're using it on your crops, doesn't that mean the contaminant is now in the soil?  So Clark should have been buried in Blue Kryptonite Soil, right?  Maybe I'm wrong.  I should ask a soil expert.  Paging James Cassidy!

The scenes with Alexander becoming Lex were also great.  Once again, the actor seems to have gotten Michael Rosenbaum's inflections down, which is even more impressive since he's a child actor.  I'm hoping this means that Rosenbaum will eventually return for the end of the series.

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greatplaidmoose said...

I also thought Clark would have remained depowered from being buried under the blue kryptonite invested land but I guess not.