Friday, November 5, 2010

Stargate Universe - "Faith"

Spoiler Level: High

Now this is more like it.  The civilians and military may not be getting along, but they're making the effort.  Fences are being mended and people are starting to realize they're all in this together.

The story is a pretty typical one for any "lost in space" series; they come across a planet that's paradise, and some people want to stay.  And it's easy to understand why, seeing how hard conditions have been living aboard Destiny, and with so little chance of getting home.

Usually there turns out to be a dark secret to the planet that either makes everyone change their minds or kills those who chose to stay behind.  Luckily, this episode doesn't do that. Instead, this take on the story adds the twist that the planet was deliberately put there.  I share Rush's curiosity and frustration that the answers of who did it and why won't come before it's time to leave; but unlike Rush, I know I'm watching a TV show, so the possibility is open that the answers may still turn up later.  The possibility that the planet was put there as a lifeline for the Stargate team is inspiring and plausible; however it also occurs to me that it could have been placed there as a lure.  Again, we may never know.  So while those who chose to stay behind may wind up dead after all, at least it didn't end with those on Destiny listening to them screaming while they flew away.

Colonel Young's decision to let the civilians stay but order the military back makes 100% sense.  The civilians should have the right to make their own decisions and get off this ride if they want; the military officers have an obligation to the people on the ship in their care.  T.J.'s wanting to stay for her baby's sake makes sense, but I think a part of her realizes how necessary she is as the ship's only doctor.  If I was in her shoes, I would have tried to resign.  Young undoubtedly wouldn't have accepted it, but if I felt that strongly about not raising my child aboard Destiny as she says she does, I would have at least tried.

Add to all that more exploration of the ship and the discovery of what looked like a room full of robot drones, and it all makes for an episode I really enjoyed.  I hope more of them are like this.

Thanks again to Krissie's Caps for the screen capture!

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greatplaidmoose said...

Most of the episodes are more like this from now on. There's still tension from within but mainly its between Rush and the commander. They also start delving into some of the character's back stories for additional motivations and reasons why they act they way they do.