Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Star Trek: The Next Generation - "We'll Always Have Paris"

Spoiler Level: High

A nice character episode for Picard, where answering a distress signal brings an old flame back into his life.  It's nice to see Picard try to open up a little, as he faces The One That Got Away.  And while it may have been intended as something of a romance episode for Picard, I like that it fully isn't; Jenice loves and stands by her husband, and while Picard obviously has some regrets, he respects that.  It's very refreshing after nuBSG and SGU.

What I enjoyed most about the episode however is the time hiccups where time briefly loops in on itself, such as the scene where Riker, Data & Picard find themselves re-experiencing entering the turbolift.  Once the time loop ends they now haven't entered the turbolift, yet they still have the memory of having done so.  I love wibley-wobley timey-wimey stuff like that.

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