Monday, December 27, 2010

Stargate Universe - "Incursion" (Part 1)

Spoiler Level: High

Okay, I realize this image is probably the least represent- ative of the episode, but it's probably the best ship shot in Stargate history.  I mean, look at that.  Not only do we get a very nice view of Chloe and Eli in the window, but you see the entire length of the ship behind them.  Beautiful, just beautiful.  So many thanks (as always) to krissicaps for the screen capture, and if you don't like how it looks, that's my fault-- I was playing with the lighting in Photoshop to try and bring out the detail on the ship.

Storywise, I really enjoyed this episode.  Part of me says I should be upset over the fact that Col. Young was willing to let Talbot die by draining all the life support out of his room.  After all, that was one of the things that made me lose respect for Jonathan Archer on Star Trek: Enterprise.  But this feels very different to me; for starters, I don't hold Young to as high standards as I did Archer, because (1) this isn't Star Trek; Trek is supposed to show us the best humanity can be.   (2), Young has never been as strong in moral character, because this is Stargate with a nuBSG spin, so it's hardly shocking coming from this show.  And finally (3), Young new that killing Talbot and reviving him would be the final way to break the Lucian Alliance brainwashing.  So here it actually worked.  You know when I complain that I don't want my Star Trek characters doing this kind of thing, I have plenty of other shows for that?  Yeah, this is one of those other shows.  Here it's in character, it's in the style of the show, and it had a good reason in the script.

I also liked the consequences of his actions; when Scott says to Young "If I had known what you were doing, I could have backed you up," and Young replies "You're supposed to back me up, that's called the chain of command."  (Or something to that effect.)  It's something that probably would have been a given to Scott before spending so much time stuck with the tiny community of the Destiny.

And I hate to say it, but I'm glad we've got a storyline with good old fashioned SG-1 villains.  I'm enjoying seeing the Lucian Alliance again.

Lastly, I have to complain about O'Neill; this is another one of those episodes where he comes off as an insensitive jerk.  Yeah, I get his point about having to make the hard choices for the greater good; but y'know, the Jack O'Neill I remember used to frequently disobey orders to rescue Daniel or Teal'c or Sam.  He shouldn't be coming down on Young for having a conscience.  I think he's spent a little too long behind that desk in the Pentagon and needs to get back to going off-world.

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