Thursday, December 23, 2010

K9 - "The Jaws of Orthrus"

Spoiler Level: High

Another mediocre offering from K9.  This one is better than last episode ("The Fall of the House of Gryffen") which was better than the previous episode ("Fear Itself"), so the show is on an upward trend.  However it's still not as good as episodes 1 ("Regeneration") and 3 ("The Korven"), so there's still a lot of room for improvement.

At a protest rally, Drake is zapped by K9.  A portion of K9's memory has been deleted, so he can't prove his innocence. As his friends attempt to keep an eye on him, there is also an attack by K9 on Darius's car, where he even goes as far as to mark "K9 WOZ 'ERE" on the windshield.  So the big question becomes, has K9 gone rogue without his even knowing it?

It's a decent premise, and the show does attempt to have logical explanations for his inability to prove himself, but it suffers from the major flaw that no one ever thinks to suggest the obvious:  maybe the K9 doing all of these things is a fake.  Which of course, it is.  That was the first thing to cross my mind in the opening sequence as we're seeing K9 attack Drake, and it's 100% predictable.  And come on, no one thinks to question that K9 has suddenly forgotten how to spell, and is in fact spelling using the accent that the robocop CCCPCs use?  I realize this is intended for younger audiences, but I think even when I was 10 years old that would have been my first guess.

But there's a lot of nice character scenes with Professor Gryffen giving advice to Starkey and Jorjie, K9 is his usual charming self, and they even had a very good scene where they play on Darius's being unlikeable, as Drake tries to draw him over to his side.  Plus we get to see the two K9s fight it out.  So this episode has its redeeming moments.

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